Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant

Standard: Q/JX 002-2013

No. Item Specification
Immersion Spray
1 Appearance - Clear, transparent Clear, transparent
2 Assay %, ≥ 30/35/50 30/35/50
3 Acidity (as H2SO4) ppm, ≤ 200 200
4 pH - 1-4 1-4
5 Non-volatile Residue ppm, ≤ 60 40
6 Stability %, ≥ 98 98
7 TOC ppm, ≤ 80 60
8 Cl ppm, ≤ 1 1
9 PO4 ppm, ≤ 100 50
10 Sn ppm, ≤ 10 5
11 Fe ppm, ≤ 0.5 0.3
12 As ppm, ≤ 0.5 0.2
13 Pb ppm, ≤ 0.5 0.2

This product has been passed the technical review by National Health and Family Planning Commission (former Ministry of Health) for disinfection products ("Notice on the technical review of disinfection products' directory")

It can be used in aseptic packaging of dairy products, equipment piping, health care, chemical and other fields, can be used in the production of Tetra Pak/Combibloc of dairy drinks, fruit juices for the sterilization of packaging films of aseptic filling machine and aseptic packaging of food. 

Aseptic packaging of Dairy products: dipping or spraying the packaging material with 35% solution, and then rinse off with clear water or blow dry with hot air.
Sterilization of equipment: diluted it to concentration of 3%, and then clean and sterilize equipment, dipping for 20 minutes, then rinse off with clear water.
Pipeline sterilization: diluted it to concentration of 3%, and then clean and sterilize pipe, recycle washing for 20 minutes, then rinse off with clear water.
Sterilization of personnel and production environment: diluted it into 50-100 times of solution, and then sterilize the hands and feet of workers, and environment of production.


This product is packed in polyethylene drum, ton tank and tankers for direct shipping(with: specifications and tanker photos of each package) 
1, polyethylene drum: there are small vent hole on the cover of drum; specifications:. 25Kg/barrel, 200Kg/barrel. 
2, ton tank: Specification 1,000Kg/barrel. 
3, tanker: 30 tons/tank.


The Transportation of this product should be following the regulations of oxidants and prevent violent shaking; Do not touch directly and the operator should wear plastic gloves; If leakage occurs, rinse with water.

1, H2O2 should be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse, avoid direct sunlight; strictly prohibited to mix with alkali metals, metal compounds and flammable substances; 
2, the container should be sealed and kept the exhaust to keep the purity of H2O2 in container , and prevent pollution;
3, this product has a corrosive effect on metal, suitable materials for storage and contact are stainless steel, plastic and glass.
4, If leakage occurs, rinse with water.;
5, the liquid product is corrosive and irritating to skin, so wear with gloves and other protective equipment to avoid contact with skin and eyes; if accidental contact occurs, rinse with water continuously immediately, or seek medical attention if necessary.
6, Valid period is 12 months; under the right conditions of storage and transportation, the decreased concentration within one year does not exceed 1% of  original concentration.

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